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Coldplay Albums in the Charts
DateSong TitlePeak PositionWeeksWeeks at No.1
09/07/02A Rush of Blood to the Head11183
06/18/05X & Y1784
06/07/08Live 2003450
06/21/08Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends1706
12/06/08Prospeckt's March3820
11/05/11Mylo Xyloto1741
05/31/14Ghost Stories1241

Welcome to Coldplay: a Review. This is a website I have created and designed for my CS008 class at the University of Vermont. I have chosen to create a website around one of my favorite bands, Coldplay. I first got into Coldplay during my freshman year of high school, and since have pre-ordered each of their new albums. I started out listening to and falling asleep to Parachutes on the way home from Nordic ski meets late at night. I was entranced by the calm, yet creative acoustic guitar and piano that flowed through the album, the clever electric licks, and Chris Martin’s phenomenal voice. I love when I can play the music of a band, and Coldplay is one of few that suits my talents almost perfectly. Martin and I have near-identical ranges (though his falsetto is far superior to mine), I love piano-driven songs (“Trouble” was one of my first covers), and once I began playing guitar, Coldplay was the first band I turned to.

I love their early music, Parachutes through X & Y, and have grown to love the latter three albums. I appreciate the musicianship they show during the first three albums, especially their command for the acoustic instruments. Having always enjoyed acoustic versions of songs, these are the albums that really speak to me, and why I particularly enjoy tracks such as “Oceans” from their new album, Ghost Stories. I look forward to the next album they release, and cannot wait to fulfill a dream of mine and see them in concert. Enjoy the review!